In an era of increasing digitalization, ensuring health and home healthcare has become more important than ever. We are proud to introduce to you “Health Connect,” a mobile software product that connects those in need of healthcare with caregivers, creating a strong bond for optimal healthcare.

Beyond managing and assigning caregiver support to patients, the system provides tools for healthcare planning, tracking the execution of plans, and offers service survey evaluations and support quality monitoring.

The system also provides an instant support mechanism, allowing patients to send support requests to caregivers or supervisors through a simple, user-friendly tool.

So, who is this software for? The software targets two main customer groups:

  1. Home healthcare service providers: The software will help make business operations transparent and easy to manage.
  2. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs): Used in home healthcare projects for People with Disabilities.

This software consists of three main modules: a mobile app for customers, a mobile app for caregivers, and a web app for administrators.

Main Functions of the Customer App:

  1. Mobile App Account Registration: The software allows customers to install the app on their smartphones. From there, they can easily register an account to quickly use the app.

  2. Care Plan: The app provides a function to track the healthcare plan set by the caregiver. The system records the history of activities performed according to the care plan.

  3. Support Requests: To enhance communication and convenience for the patient, this feature offers flexibility when the patient has any support needs or requires advice.

  4. Video Tutorials for Care Skills: A collection of healthcare skills divided into clear topics to make it easy for patients to search for and view tutorial content.
  5. Survey: Anytime there is a need to collect survey data and evaluations from patients, the service provider can easily set up custom evaluation forms. This allows patients to provide their assessments of the content you need to collect.

  6. Account Management: Allows patients to update account information and change passwords.

Main Functions for the Caregiver App:

  1. Patient Management: Manage healthcare information for individuals in need of care, including personal details.

  2. Care Plan Management: This function allows caregivers to create monthly healthcare plans for each patient. Care plans can be customized based on the healthcare needs of each individual.

  3. Evaluation Management: Conduct specific evaluations for each patient. The history of evaluations and evaluation content will be stored in the system.

  4. Support Request Management: This feature allows caregivers to record and respond to all support requests sent by patients. With this function, caregivers can easily advise and understand the support needs of each patient.

  5. Check-In Management: According to the care plan, caregivers will have activities such as home visits to patients. The check-in function allows recording the time and tasks during each visit.

  6. Report Management: Custom statistical reports help administrators track comprehensive information about patients.

Main Functions for Administration:

  1. Patient Management: Manage information for all patients in the system.

  2. Care Plan Management: This function allows administrators to monitor the entire monthly healthcare plan for all patients.

  3. Evaluation Management: Track all evaluations conducted for patients or caregivers.

  4. Support Request Management: This function manages all support requests and exchanges that have occurred in the system.

  5. Check-In Management: The entire check-in history of caregivers, including GPS location tracking, will be monitored in this function.

  6. Report Management: Custom statistical reports help administrators track comprehensive information about patients.

  7. Account Management: Allocate accounts for system users.

  8. System Configuration: Allows customization of system-related settings.

Benefits of Health Connect – Home Healthcare Management Software:

  • Optimize Home Healthcare Management Processes: The mobile application allows patients to continuously connect with caregivers, providing peace of mind regarding their health.
  • Enhance Adherence to Care Plans: The application is designed to help patients easily monitor and follow through with activities outlined in the care plan, increasing the effectiveness of medical treatment when adhered to.
  • Save Time and Effort: Users can quickly and efficiently make support requests.
  • Transparency and Reliability: All information is recorded and stored transparently, ensuring honesty and reliability in the service usage.

  • Improve Service Quality: The rating and feedback feature allows service providers to enhance service quality and better support patients.

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