Have you ever faced the challenge of managing logistics orders in a complex commercial environment? If the answer is “yes,” then we believe our product will catch your attention. Let’s explore the “Logistics Order Management Software” – a modern and powerful solution to address all logistics-related challenges.

Managing logistics orders can become a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools. But with our software, you’ll experience the convenience and efficiency you’ve dreamed of. We designed this product with the goal of creating convenience, and your satisfaction is our great motivation.

With the “Logistics Order Management Software,” you’ll have a powerful tool to optimize your logistics process. From updating waybill codes in Chinese warehouses, tracking order status, sealing and unsealing packages, to managing payment history and top-ups – everything is integrated into a comprehensive solution. This will help you meet all your needs and improve business performance.

Don’t let managing logistics orders become a burden for you. Choose our “Logistics Order Management Software” to tackle every challenge in logistics management. For convenience and efficiency, take action now.

Main Features for Customer App:

  1. Mobile App Account Registration: The software allows customers to install the app on their smartphones, making it easy for them to quickly register an account.

  2. Lookup Waybill Information: The app provides a detailed waybill information function right on the home screen. Information about weight, volume, and the waybill status history from receipt to settlement is displayed.

  3. Order Management: The app allows users to track all customer order lists. The order list is divided by status to help customers manage it easily.

  4. Delivery Note Management: Users can track and search for the customer’s delivery note list. The delivery note details record all information about delivered waybills.
  5. E-wallet: Provides information related to the customer’s e-wallet. As well as the entire payment history the customer has made.

  6. Notifications: The customer app allows receiving push notifications from the management system, helping to instantly update information about orders and other types of notifications.
  7. Account Management: In addition to information related to the customer’s account and the password change function, the software also provides the “Track Waybill” function. This function allows customers to track the status of important waybills.

Main Features for Administration:

  1. Employee Management: Manage employee information, including personal details and job positions.

  2. Customer Management: Manage the list of customers and the purchase history of each customer.

  3. Waybill Management: Add, edit, and delete information about customer waybills. Administrators can easily update the status and fees for orders.

  4. Package Sealing/Unsealing Management: This function allows management to oversee the process of packaging and unboxing shipped items returning to the warehouse.

  5. Notification Management: Administrators can send push notifications to customers’ apps to proactively notify them when the goods have arrived or for other necessary events.

  6. Report Management: Customizable statistical reports help administrators track comprehensive information about customers, orders, and company revenue.

  7. Configuration and Settings: Customize system settings and configurations according to organizational needs.

Benefits of Logistics Order Management Software:

  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: The mobile app enables businesses to interact directly with customers through notifications, articles, and online chat. This improves the interaction between the business and its customers.
  • Optimized User Experience: The carefully designed and simple app helps optimize the user experience. A user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features attract and engage customers more effectively.
  • Create Opportunities for Increased Sales: Customers can easily make online shopping transactions through the mobile app, placing orders and making payments.
  • Transparency and Reliability: All information is recorded and stored transparently, ensuring honesty and reliability throughout the product purchase process.

  • Improved Service Quality: The review and feedback feature allows suppliers to improve service quality and better support customers.

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