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OneDay Software Solutions Co., Ltd. is a software company with an office based in Hanoi. We specialize in providing top-notch mobile application software for small and medium-sized enterprises, along with software development and website development services for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). With nearly a decade of startup experience, we have worked with business clients across various industries. We are well-equipped to provide consulting, technical solutions, and software development, including mobile application development.


By 2030, become a leading software development company in employing people with disabilities.


  • For Customers: Provide suitable and convenient products.
  • For Partners: Emphasize a spirit of collaboration for mutual development.
  • For Employees: Build a fair, efficient, and innovative working environment.
  • For Society: Create job opportunities, improve the quality of life for PWDs. Contribute to raising social awareness of the value and capabilities of PWDs.

OneDay Software aims to overcome social barriers for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups through ICT solutions. We maximize creativity, innovate products and services, leverage technological advantages to benefit customers and the community.


Devotion – Innovation – Sustainability


We cultivate a culture at Oneday that builds a connection between members in the company, creating a bond between less fortunate yet young and talented individuals who are passionate about their work. The key elements that define the unique identity of OneDay Software include:

  • Unity: The strength of Oneday lies in teamwork. Each individual’s unique strength, when brought together, forms the collective strength of Oneday.
  • Innovation: This is a crucial factor that is always encouraged and utilized to help Oneday become a company that “Brings IT solutions to overcome social barriers for People with Disabilities & vulnerable groups in society.”
  • Trust: The Board of Directors always believes in the capabilities of each member. Oneday has policies that encourage efforts for self-improvement and individual advancement in work.
  • Dynamism: To meet customer requirements and succeed in an ever-changing economic environment, all Oneday employees must proactively engage in work, think and act boldly to quickly adapt to the directed requirements of the Board of Directors.
  • Learning: At Oneday, each individual must be aware of constantly improving oneself and growing in their work. Oneday always creates maximum conditions for employees to access new technology, new solutions, and new knowledge of humanity.