When it comes to the criteria for managing and organizing the workplace, you may wonder: “How can you ensure that your work environment is always bright, efficient, and well-organized?”

That is the question many businesses face when applying the 5S management method. To help you address this issue, we proudly introduce a groundbreaking product: “5SChecker – Software for Evaluating 5S Criteria.”

The 5S criteria are no longer unfamiliar to those working in the fields of quality management and work performance. However, implementing and maintaining it remains a challenge for many organizations. Imagine if you could automate the evaluation process and improve the 5S factors, saving your time and resources in the process.

With “5SChecker – Software for Evaluating 5S Criteria,” you will have a powerful tool to monitor and assess the implementation of 5S criteria in your organization. This helps you continuously improve the organization, cleanliness, and efficiency of your workplace. Our product not only helps you maintain the 5S criteria but also provides motivation to enhance performance and work quality.

One challenge that many organizations face when implementing 5S is the difficulty of maintaining and evaluating the process. Regularly checking and assessing manually is expensive and time-consuming. You need an automated and effective solution.

Have you ever felt frustrated because tracking and maintaining 5S criteria in your organization is a difficult and cumbersome task? Perhaps you have experienced failures or difficulties in maintaining a bright and efficient working environment.

With “5SChecker – Software for Evaluating 5S Criteria,” you have the perfect solution to this problem. Our product helps you automate the assessment and maintenance of 5S criteria, saving you time and resources. You can easily track progress, identify weaknesses, and promote continuous improvement in your work environment.

Don’t let maintaining a bright and efficient work environment become a challenge. Choose our “5SChecker – Software for Evaluating 5S Criteria” to help you save time and effort. Contact us today for more details and start improving your work environment according to 5S criteria.

5SChecker – Software for Evaluating 5S Criteria will provide functions for three main user groups: Employees, Supervisors, and Administrators.

Main Features for Employee App:

  1. Evaluate monthly criteria: The software allows each managing employee to install the application on their smartphone. From there, they can easily evaluate the monthly criteria.

  2. Evaluation history: The system stores all evaluations that users have performed. Detailed information about scores, images, and evaluation times will be displayed in full for users to review.

  3. Manage personal information: The software is designed to allow employees to update personal information and change passwords.

  4. Easy login: The system allows login by authenticating accounts or even using fingerprint login, ensuring the security of users’ personal information.

  5. Smart reporting: The system provides the ability to generate evaluation reports based on various criteria.

Main Features for Supervisor App:

  1. Monitor evaluations of team members: Supervisors are allowed to monitor the evaluation status of team members.

  2. Inspect and reevaluate: The software is designed to allow supervisors to independently reassess the criteria of team members.

  3. Statistical reporting: The software enables supervisors to track various assessment reports for all units in the system or each unit separately.

Main Features for Administration App:

The system administrator will have all the functions similar to those of Supervisors. Additionally, the software provides some additional advanced features to comprehensively support the management of the software’s functions:

  1. Unit Management: The system provides an intuitive interface to easily add, delete, or edit units within your company or factory.

  2. Employee Management: The software is designed to accommodate various business models. Whether you have a large or small number of employees, it is easy to manage.

  3. User Permission Assignment: The software provides a feature to configure usage permission limits for each specific employee. This helps ensure the system is always secure and consistent in terms of data.

  4. Criterion Set Management: The software offers the functionality to manage dynamic criterion sets. This means administrators can easily add or remove criteria from the system without requiring intervention from the software provider.

Benefits of the 5S Process Criteria Evaluation Software:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The software helps organizations efficiently manage the 5S lunch evaluation process, reducing the time and effort required for this task.

  • Transparency and Reliability: All information is recorded and stored transparently, ensuring honesty and reliability throughout the registration and check-in process.

  • Improved Service Quality: The evaluation and feedback feature allows the kitchen to enhance the quality of meals and meet the needs of employees better.

  • Time and Effort Savings: It reduces manual work and saves time for both employees and the kitchen.

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